Thing 12 : Angry Birds, Wordfeud and disturbing the Quiet carriage.

29 Jul

social gamers & siblings  - _MG_0983
Social Gamers & Siblings by Shawn Drelinger via CC license on Flickr

We love games, we really  do, games were mobile long before the invention of the telephone.

 In the past we had decks of cards, travel chess, dice, and things that only need a social aspect and some imagination, it was only a matter of time before they became a part of our mobile connected lifestyle.

Why do we play? If you watch a good animal documentary there’s something about games when we are young and learning all our life lessons by beating the snot out of our siblings, so there’s probably something in that, after all who am I to argue with David Attenborough?

The reality is we now play so many games that there is a social label for us; Gamers.

Sure, there’s lots of research on the pros and cons of gaming, some say that a puzzle a day keeps the doctor away and others say we need to keep an eye out for kids in trenchcoats.

Regardless of which way you lean in the debate, games aren’t going away. It’s part of who we are. Games are Fun, games can be Social, games can be improve your brain, games can have you wearing a diaper at 3am with a horned helmet and a red bull addiction.

It’s big business, are we going to be part of it libraries?

We are, after all, shifting our focus in so many libraries from knowledge repository to community space, do we need to look at gaming as part of a community need?

Looking at the public use computers in my public library, there’s a lot of people using the facilities to write a resume but there are lots connecting to each other through games.

Anyway nuff said, as Duke Nukem said “Come get some”.



THINKING POINTS – I stole these from ‘s post here

  • Kids and mobile games – what’s popular? How can you find out? Could you integrate some of these games into your library’s programs for children?
  • If you could develop a game for mobile devices, what would it be? We’ve already encountered several apps that can be used to gamify aspects of your library service (eg. SCVNGR, geocaching)
  • National Parks New South Wales, Australia, has developed an iPad app as part of their Wilderquest program for children – could your library develop an app?
  • Could you use games in programs at your library?  eg. designing games using Game Salad


  • Tell us your favourite game in a comment on our FB page!
  • If you want to go for gold, challenge one other person – maybe a colleague or family member – to play that same game…

From Abigail and Kate: This excellent introduction post was written by Aaron Trenorden – thank you 😉 Next week is our catch-up week and marks the half-way point of the course. Thanks so much for your continued enthusiasm, questions, and ideas; it’s fantastic learning with all of you!


4 Responses to “Thing 12 : Angry Birds, Wordfeud and disturbing the Quiet carriage.”

  1. Mei July 31, 2013 at 5:28 pm #

    I think games are great and don’t deserve the bad rap they usually get. They’re great for social engagement too if used in the right way. The Library Game looks very intriguing.

    • Susannah July 31, 2013 at 5:33 pm #

      I agree with Mei.
      I really like word games such as Scramble with Friends.
      Makes you think and keeps that social interaction going, by way of the conversation boxes etc.


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