Thing 23: Digital storytelling

29 Oct

Can you believe it!!! Here we are, the final week.  Wow!  Thankyou to everyone who has shared their skills, their passion and their time to helping out with these posts.  Keep your eye out for the final week fun via the email and lets see what we can learn this week.- Kate



Stories … we do love to make them, tell them, read them, share them!  Earlier this year the very popular theme for National Library and Information Week across Australia was … Share your story.

So, it’s no real surprise that digital storytelling is becoming a bigger part of our lives.  Mobile technologies and apps give us the tools to capture, create and share stories … mostly for free and with next to no training.

Libraries and a whole host of education, community and cultural organizations are using digital storytelling to explore new ways to

  • build, connect with and engage audiences
  • save, share and curate stories.

Check out this digital story Rebecca Millar (Community Builder) about the power of capturing, creating and sharing digital stories, “building communities by sparking the imagination and curation”.  Rebecca helped bring to life the story of the trading ship Zuytdorp, from the Dutch East India Trading Company, wrecked in 1712 near Kalbarri on the coast of Western Australia.

(sorry the video would not embed.  please click on rebecca’s name to watch it- Kate)

Part of the commemorations for the 300th anniversary of the wreck, this digital story was shared around the world. This is just one of the many stories shared by the team at This Week in Libraries … tap into TWIL for some fascinating digital stories from around the Library world.



Check out some digital stories



Have a play with some free digital storytelling tools on your mobile device.  While you can view most stories via the web, creating and sharing stories depends on the tool and your device.

  • Animoto  – turn your photos, videos & music into 30 sec online video stories (iOS and Android apps)
  • Prezi  – display your stories on a virtual whiteboard (iPad and iPhone apps)
  • Slideshare  – “the YouTube for PowerPoint” (no specific apps, but works on iPads and all smartphones)
  • Storify – turn social media into stories (iOS and Android apps)
  • Storybird – add your stories to shared artwork (any web-connected device)
  • Tellagami – share animated video stories (iOS and Android apps)
  • Voicethread – cloud application, so no software.  Add your voice to your stories (iOS app)
  • WeVideo – make online video stories(iOS and Android apps)
  • Zeega – use any media in the cloud or upload your own to create stories for any web platform



Does your library help your community create, share and keep their own stories? How could you help with this? See the 23 mobile things Pinterest board for some ideas.

How can you help locate the tools and resources needed for digital storytelling projects?  You could put together a webpage or LibGuide with links to public domain or Creative Commons licensed music and images, storytelling apps and web-based tools. See the University of Wollongong’s Library guide Digital Storytelling resources for inspiration!

Consider the issues involved when you work with indigenous communities on digital storytelling projects? See Kirsten Thorpe’s IFLA paper Protocols for libraries and archives in Australia: incorporating Indigenous perspectives in the information field

Before you set up a digital storytelling project to capture local history, Prarienet have a handy list of tips to consider.

So many stories!  How can your library keep a sample of the digital storytelling that is happening in your community right now for future access?



Recently I explored Storify to share my take about a conference I attended.  This was my first work use of Storify.  Love that you can pull many sources together (and not just your own!) plus keep editing and adding to the story after publishing.  Also found it handy to grab the embed code and add the story into my LTT blog post The Riverina view from the NAVIGATE 2013 – EQUELLA Conference and our Intranet news article.  Make once, use many times … gotta love that!! Definitely plan on using Storify for getting the message out there about library stuff and learning tools … and lots more!

This is my first zeega story … just for fun and for ANZ 23 mobile things!  Easy to use and get that multimedia effect happening.  Can see uses working with students to upload their images and create their own stories for presentations and assignments.  (again, the video would not embed.  Sorry.- Kate)


Tap into some of the great mobile tools mentioned in this post … to capture and connect with all the stories out there! Make a gami, make a zeega.  Have fun!

This is a remix of the 23 mobile things post Thing 23: Digital Storytelling by Mylee Joseph

6 Responses to “Thing 23: Digital storytelling”

  1. Cath Sheard November 4, 2013 at 5:47 pm #

    Far out – there is some very cool stuff here, some familiar and some way out of my current sphere or knowing. Love that you made a zeega. Not sure I understand how i wors, need to have a good play. I am really excited about the possibilities esp for my museum.

  2. Cath Sheard November 4, 2013 at 5:48 pm #

    And of course I spotted the typos after I managed to get my password right! 😦

    • Robyn Collins (@robyncollins6) November 6, 2013 at 1:23 pm #

      So many possibilities with digi stories! A great thing to end on as it has so much scope for working with and engaging our communities. Loved zeega and have plans for that too. Can definitely see it being handy for your museum work Cath. Happy playing!

  3. Robyn Collins (@robyncollins6) November 6, 2013 at 1:27 pm #

    After this post was done I came across another very useful site to share with info, tips & featured stories …. Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling “a comprehensive clearinghouse of information for both those just starting to use digital storytelling as well as for educators, graduate students and researchers who want to deeply explore the many facets of this educational technology tool”

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