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Hi Everyone, please start at the bottom 🙂 Thanks Kate

@anz23mthings: Don’t forget to tune in to the final hangout next week (sometime)#anz23mthings

— 23 Mobile Things (@23mobilethings)2013-10-31T09:10:28

RT @LeeRowe@anz23mthingsthanks so much Kate and Abby, you both rock, and thanks everyone else, you also rock. Night #anz23mthings

— Mylee Joseph (@myleejoseph)2013-10-31T09:10:19

Don’t forget to tune in to the final hangout next week (sometime) #anz23mthings

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T09:03:20

@anz23mthings Night all, has been a great #anz23mthingschat.

— Cath Sheard (@KiwiLibrarian)2013-10-31T09:03:11

Going to head off now and say thanks and goodnight to our small but fantastic tweeters#anz23mthings

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T09:02:22

@anz23mthings Sending virtual fluffy slippers. #coldfeet#anz23mthings

— Cath Sheard (@KiwiLibrarian)2013-10-31T09:01:52

@Dlibr @anz23mthings love all the things #librarians are doing! 😀 TX for the chat! Good day from South Africa!#anz23mthings

— Karen du Toit (@karentoittoit)2013-10-31T09:01:47

@BeezilBeard Look for@BRIAN_BREACH on#soundcloud and listen to Loved Ones. Beautiful.#anz23mthingsListen to it for Mum & Dad.

— Cath Sheard (@KiwiLibrarian)2013-10-31T09:00:39

Love all the things libraries are doing, thanks for the learning, thanks for the chat night night#anz23mthings

— Darryl Barnaby (@Dlibr)2013-10-31T08:59:00

@LeeRowe @KiwiLibrarian let everyone have ‘all the happy’#anz23mthings

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:58:10

@KiwiLibrarian@anz23mthings i agree you can’t force it, so I’m in a ‘sharing the love’ stage#anz23mthings

— Lee Rowe (@LeeRowe)2013-10-31T08:57:35

@anz23mthings @LeeRowe I think demonstrating good digital citizenship is a key role for those of us who are keen users. #anz23mthings

— Cath Sheard (@KiwiLibrarian)2013-10-31T08:57:14

@HarleyCouper @Dlibr@anz23mthings Thanks very much. I work best if I have someone I can call on for confidence to act.#anz23mthings

— Cath Sheard (@KiwiLibrarian)2013-10-31T08:56:10

Anyone want to ask any other bonus questions #anz23mthings

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:56:09

@KiwiLibrarian @LeeRowegreat policy it’s what we are doing also showing them it’s not hard or magic or just 4 the students #anz23mthings

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:55:17

@BeezilBeard @LeeRowe@anz23mthings Start small, be keen yourself, let others follow – or not. #anz23mthings

— Cath Sheard (@KiwiLibrarian)2013-10-31T08:54:02

@LeeRowe @anz23mthingsDecided trying to encourage all to use social media waste of time & energy. Better things to do, #anz23mthings

— Cath Sheard (@KiwiLibrarian)2013-10-31T08:53:06

@LeeRowe @anz23mthings I let those who are keen, do – and leave rest to do what comfortable with. Let some specialise. #anz23mthings

— Cath Sheard (@KiwiLibrarian)2013-10-31T08:52:14

Great plan RT @KiwiLibrarian:@karentoittoit Snap!! Play as me, get comfortable, show others, introduce for libraries.#anz23mthings

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:51:34

@anz23mthings >opened an Instagram account for our libraries, & planning to start Tumblr as well as Vine#anz23mthings

— Karen du Toit (@karentoittoit)2013-10-31T08:51:34

@karentoittoit @anz23mthingsSnap!! Play as me, get comfortable, show others, introduce for libraries.#anz23mthings

— Cath Sheard (@KiwiLibrarian)2013-10-31T08:51:07

Don’t forget to tune into#anz23mthings

— NPD Ireland (@NPDIreland)2013-10-31T08:50:54

@anz23mthings my goal simply to increase our use of social media! we are bit behind times. Want to move peeps beyond fb#anz23mthings

— Lee Rowe (@LeeRowe)2013-10-31T08:50:47

@karentoittoit wow#anz23mthings

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:50:40

RT @anz23mthings: So is anyone planning / has introducing any of the things that are new to them into permanent use #anz23mthings#bonusq

— NPD Ireland (@NPDIreland)2013-10-31T08:50:23

@Dlibr that’s great#playpenstyle #anz23mthings

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:50:18

@anz23mthings #Pinterest#HistoryPin #Storify#SoundCloud #anz23mthings

— Cath Sheard (@KiwiLibrarian)2013-10-31T08:50:16

@HarleyCouper @Dlibr@anz23mthings Thanks Harley, might need to get in touch via email one of these weeks, if that’s okay?#anz23mthings

— Cath Sheard (@KiwiLibrarian)2013-10-31T08:49:21

@KiwiLibrarian AWESOME – which ones #anz23mthings

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:48:48

@anz23mthings Yes. some off what I’ve learned is now permanent for me and my libraries. How cool is that?#anz23mthings

— Cath Sheard (@KiwiLibrarian)2013-10-31T08:48:17

@Dlibr I will be but very reduced and am not quite sure of deets just yet #anz23mthingskate

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:47:33

@anz23mthings Night Abby, sleep well. #anz23mthings

— Cath Sheard (@KiwiLibrarian)2013-10-31T08:47:00

@anz23mthings thanks & have a good sleep Abby#anz23mthings

— Lee Rowe (@LeeRowe)2013-10-31T08:46:51

@anz23mthings Bye Abby Thanks for the chat & efforts!#anz23mthings

— Karen du Toit (@karentoittoit)2013-10-31T08:46:49

@anz23mthings Q5 yes. Wanted to say how awesome it’s been, thanks to 2 of you for all your work, & all who have joined in.#anz23mthings

— Cath Sheard (@KiwiLibrarian)2013-10-31T08:46:22

Will catch up with you lot tomorrow; Kate will be your host from now on. Thanks Abby#anz23mthings

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:44:49

That was the final question – Q5 was anything else?#anz23mthings lol 😛 Abby

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:44:27

@anz23mthings Got to admit, as cheaty answers go, it was a goodie. #anz23mthings

— Cath Sheard (@KiwiLibrarian)2013-10-31T08:43:24

Awesome stuff peeps. Just a heads-up I will be disappearing in 5 mins; internet for me goes off at 9:45 #NeedSomeSleep#anz23mthings Abby

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:42:39

@LeeRowe 🙂 that reminds me of the other thing I love – everyone is soo supportive of each other #anz23mthings kate

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:42:12

@anz23mthings exackerly#anz23mthings

— Lee Rowe (@LeeRowe)2013-10-31T08:41:50

@janholmquist @myleejosephTop of the morning to you then – almost my bedtime…#anz23mthings

— Cath Sheard (@KiwiLibrarian)2013-10-31T08:41:46

@anz23mthings Decided to show ppl stuff, but not try to *make* staff engage in social media. Let those who want to, do. #anz23mthings

— Cath Sheard (@KiwiLibrarian)2013-10-31T08:40:43

@LeeRowe I also missed some weeks, but I will be going back#anz23mthings

— Karen du Toit (@karentoittoit)2013-10-31T08:40:31

@anz23mthings ditto ditto re twitter! #anz23mthings

— Lee Rowe (@LeeRowe)2013-10-31T08:40:28

@KiwiLibrarian Like pinterest you’ll love

— Darryl Barnaby (@Dlibr)2013-10-31T08:40:28

.@LeeRowe That’s the spirit;I’ve been exposed to some new stuff & have confidence & curiosity to explore other things 🙂 Abby#anz23mthings

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:40:28

RT @LeeRowe: Have to admit there were some Things I missed, but at least I know they are there to go back & explore further #anz23mthings

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:39:38

@LeeRowe best thing about the program – you choose the pace#anz23mthings kate

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:39:09

@janholmquist @anz23mthingsOooh, good answer, and not a ‘cheaty’ one like mine.#anz23mthings

— Cath Sheard (@KiwiLibrarian)2013-10-31T08:38:50

.@janholmquist Ditto – *love* Twitter; made such a difference to my professsional development & lib network#connected #anz23mthings

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:38:39

@BeezilBeard ooh me too am running one for staff in a few weeks a taster session#anz23mthings kate

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:38:24

@janholmquist @myleejosephEvening Jan – glad you could join in. #anz23mthings

— Cath Sheard (@KiwiLibrarian)2013-10-31T08:38:19

@anz23mthings If I have to choose one 1 thing – it must be Twitter because it binds the people and the program together 🙂 #anz23mthings

— Jan Holmquist (@janholmquist)2013-10-31T08:37:54

Going straight along… Q4. Going forward, what’s one thing you are doing differently or thinking differently in your library? #anz23mthings

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:37:44

@karentoittoit @anz23mthingsBrain refused to do AR, I love idea. Need to dream up stuff, get someone else to do the doing.#anz23mthings

— Cath Sheard (@KiwiLibrarian)2013-10-31T08:37:32

@KiwiLibrarian @Dlibr True – know heaps of people that love; also want to try Tumblr & Pinterest #SoMuch#anz23mthings

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:37:09

@myleejoseph going to try out eventifier next #anz23mthingsTX!

— Karen du Toit (@karentoittoit)2013-10-31T08:37:02

.@karentoittoit Great answer; really enjoyed your vine which I used in my #lianza13 preso 😀#anz23mthings

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:36:38

@janholmquist hi Jan – Kate#anz23mthings what’s your favourite ‘thing’

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:36:24

.@janholmquist @myleejoseph*waves hi* – nice of you to pop in Jan 🙂 Hope you are not too tired after all your conferences… #anz23mthings

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:35:51

@Dlibr Haven’t learnt to use yet but hope to take it one of these days. People do seem positive about it so, …#anz23mthings

— Cath Sheard (@KiwiLibrarian)2013-10-31T08:35:40

RT @anz23mthings:@myleejoseph That’s a great point!#anz23mthings#23mobilethings teaches people to be #creative problem solvers & innovato…

— Karen du Toit (@karentoittoit)2013-10-31T08:35:16

I liked seeing how different people embraced different ways of interacting with each thing – kate #anz23mthings

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:35:04

@anz23mthings #Thing6videos, especially learning about Vine, and #Thing11 AR which I did not know much about before the time#anz23mthings

— Karen du Toit (@karentoittoit)2013-10-31T08:34:56

.@KiwiLibrarian Very cheaty, but I might let you get away with it… 😛 Abby #anz23mthings

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:34:27

@myleejoseph I agree 🙂 Greetings #anz23mthings Have a Great chat 🙂

— Jan Holmquist (@janholmquist)2013-10-31T08:34:16

RT @myleejoseph:#anz23mthings my favourite thing has been the enthusiasm and collaboration coupled with a willingness to try new things #2…

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:33:28

@HarleyCouper@KiwiLibrarian No probs-was really cool coming to visit & learn more;gutted I missed your talk at #lianza13 Abby#anz23mthings

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:33:05

@anz23mthings Q3 loved being exposed to things I would not have found otherwise, & yes that’s a cheaty sort of answer!#anz23mthings

— Cath Sheard (@KiwiLibrarian)2013-10-31T08:32:58

.@anz23mthings You can pick *more than 1* if you like Kate 🙂 hehe 😛 I like the way they interact with each other 🙂#anz23mthings

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:32:13

@Dlibr @anz23mthings We’re starting on the premise that staff will drive our Kete, not the public, & work from there.#anz23mthings

— Cath Sheard (@KiwiLibrarian)2013-10-31T08:31:51

.@KiwiLibrarian@karentoittoit Love the ability to pull together different media though & categorize it 🙂#anz23mthings #ProsAndCons

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:31:31

Do I have to pick just 1? -Kate#anz23mthings

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:31:10

.@KiwiLibrarian@karentoittoit I like Storify, but find the scrolling to infinity a bit painful sometimes.#anz23mthings 1/2

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:31:09

@myleejoseph@statelibrarynsw@WaggaLibrary Right, similar to what Tauranga did with the Rena shipping disaster.#anz23mthings

— Cath Sheard (@KiwiLibrarian)2013-10-31T08:30:56

#anz23mthings eventifier worked well capturing some of the conversations and stories from #hiddengems13

— Mylee Joseph (@myleejoseph)2013-10-31T08:30:44

Ok – time for Q3 – just a broad question 🙂 Q3. What have you most enjoyed about#anz23mthings? Which thing is your favourite? #LookingBack

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:30:26

@myleejoseph agree oral histories are really important as it captures the emotion in the story as well as the words#anz23mthings kate

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:29:47

@KiwiLibrarian @BeezilBeardGreat idea Sabine! Love to hear more about what you did 🙂#anz23mthings Abby

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:29:46

@karentoittoit I only started seeing ppl use #Storify recently and think it’s a great tool.#anz23mthings

— Cath Sheard (@KiwiLibrarian)2013-10-31T08:29:45

@KiwiLibrarian Flickr definitely an option thanks! 🙂#anz23mthings

— Lee Rowe (@LeeRowe)2013-10-31T08:29:29

Great thoughts & examples on using tools to capture stories of your communities 🙂 Very cool 🙂 Will move onto Q3 shortly 🙂#anz23mthings

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:29:00

@BeezilBeard Once you’d written it what did you do with it, how is it stored? and shared?. #localstories#anz23mthings

— Cath Sheard (@KiwiLibrarian)2013-10-31T08:28:48

#anz23mthings@statelibrarynsw collaborated with @WaggaLibrary to collect oral histories of recent flood experiences

— Mylee Joseph (@myleejoseph)2013-10-31T08:28:25

Q2: #Storify is a great tool to share a specific event or colllection in the library and archives #anz23mthings#curation

— Karen du Toit (@karentoittoit)2013-10-31T08:28:14

@KiwiLibrarian Its a course in the learning centre making digital stories. #anz23mthings

— Darryl Barnaby (@Dlibr)2013-10-31T08:28:06

@LeeRowe That’d be awesome Lee – #flickr#anz23mthings

— Cath Sheard (@KiwiLibrarian)2013-10-31T08:27:16

This is a post I did about libraries, stories & stereotypes a while back 🙂 Abby ping@ajwillemse91 #anz23mthings

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:27:10

@anz23mthings@HarleyCouper Thanks for that, need to do some research and put a proposal together.#kete #anz23mthings

— Cath Sheard (@KiwiLibrarian)2013-10-31T08:26:26

Me too! 😀 RT @kiwilibrarian I *know* you are all Tweeting but think the weather is impacting my laptop. #anz23mthings

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:26:09

@KiwiLibrarian I think I too have learned a lot about it as a curation tool for libs after seeing @23mobilethings use it#anz23mthings

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:26:09

I’d like to be able to set up a repository for our students’ creations, eg photos from Instagram comp we have just run. #anz23mthings

— Lee Rowe (@LeeRowe)2013-10-31T08:26:01

RT @KiwiLibrarian: I *know* you are all Tweeting but think the weather is impacting my laptop. #anz23mthings

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:25:50

@Dlibr So the kids interact online instead of coming into the library? #anz23mthings

— Cath Sheard (@KiwiLibrarian)2013-10-31T08:25:45

@anz23mthings >specific collection @SpringbokRadio that connects via social media (FB) to share & collect #stories#anz23mthings #archives

— Karen du Toit (@karentoittoit)2013-10-31T08:25:37

RT @Dlibr: we have a digital book club kids have all the fun though

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:25:23

@KiwiLibrarian Awesome – Tauranga libraries has a super cool kete ping @harleycouper#anz23mthings

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:25:07

@BeezilBeard Hey there Sabine – welcome along.#anz23mthings

— Cath Sheard (@KiwiLibrarian)2013-10-31T08:25:04

RT @KiwiLibrarian:@anz23mthings We using the blog and FB to share in small way, thinking about Kete project. #anz23mthings

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:23:30

@anz23mthings Want to use@Pinterest more to share stories in visual form only.#anz23mthings

— Cath Sheard (@KiwiLibrarian)2013-10-31T08:23:26

@myleejoseph especially when you are working in an archive#stories #formats #digitising#archives #anz23mthings

— Karen du Toit (@karentoittoit)2013-10-31T08:22:35

@KiwiLibrarian Thanks good to see you in the chat.#anz23mthings

— Darryl Barnaby (@Dlibr)2013-10-31T08:21:44

@myleejoseph Manager and I talking about digital repositories today\y, challenging project ahead.#anz23mthings

— Cath Sheard (@KiwiLibrarian)2013-10-31T08:21:34

RT @myleejoseph:#anz23mthings I think the more formats change the clearer it is that the stories are the common thread and keeping them is…

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:21:23

@anz23mthings Sorry bit behind tonight weather is lovely today black clouds tonight#anz23mthings

— Darryl Barnaby (@Dlibr)2013-10-31T08:20:45

Q2. How is your library using stories to engage your community or share their stories? What tools do you like?#anz23mthings

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:20:29

@anz23mthings Yep, go for it and we’ll see if Twitter keeps up lol. #anz23mthings

— Cath Sheard (@KiwiLibrarian)2013-10-31T08:19:46

@KiwiLibrarian @katejfMaybe it’s Twitter & not just my computer! #yay #anz23mthings

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:19:25

@LeeRowe #librariesequivalent to fireplaces of ancient times[…]to tell stories, share info, create new knowledge #anz23mthings#newlib

— Karen du Toit (@karentoittoit)2013-10-31T08:19:22

@anz23mthings I manage a museum as well & trying to get head round the opportunities to collaborate #anz23mthings

— Cath Sheard (@KiwiLibrarian)2013-10-31T08:19:15

Reimaging library digital resources makes for potent stories Daughters of Christchurch: via @youtube #anz23mthings

— Darryl Barnaby (@Dlibr)2013-10-31T08:19:03

Great thoughts everyone on the importance & value of stories#anz23mthings – ready to move onto the next question?

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:18:57

I think we need to look towards our GLAM sector partners for collaboration and curation and telling of stories – Kate#anz23mthings

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:18:31

@katejf Slow, yes, I ‘m having trouble following what is happening. #anz23mthings

— Cath Sheard (@KiwiLibrarian)2013-10-31T08:18:20

@Dlibr: Hi Darryl tweeting from Christchurch great to have reached this point in our learning looking forward to chat#anz23mthings

— 23 Mobile Things (@23mobilethings)2013-10-31T08:18:08

@Dlibr Hi Darryl -great you can join us 🙂 What’s the weather like in ChCh? #anz23mthings

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:17:28

@anz23mthings True, lots of talk at #lianza23 about co-creating and curating.#anz23mthings

— Cath Sheard (@KiwiLibrarian)2013-10-31T08:17:19

@anz23mthings I agree about the creation part Abby#anz23mthings.

— Lee Rowe (@LeeRowe)2013-10-31T08:17:12

@Dlibr Hi Darryl glad you can join us. #anz23mthings

— Cath Sheard (@KiwiLibrarian)2013-10-31T08:16:35

Hi Darryl tweeting from Christchurch great to have reached this point in our learning looking forward to chat#anz23mthings

— Darryl Barnaby (@Dlibr)2013-10-31T08:15:38

.@karentoittoit great point; stories are stories no matter what the format 🙂#anz23mthings

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:15:04

Sorry I forgot the hashtag with my last tweet #anz23mthings

— Lee Rowe (@LeeRowe)2013-10-31T08:15:02

A1. I personally was also thinking about libraries sharing & shaping their communities; creators not just storehouses#anz23mthings Abby

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:14:20

libraries equivalent to fireplaces of ancient times, where people gather to tell stories, share info, and create new knowledge #anz23mthings

— Lee Rowe (@LeeRowe)2013-10-31T08:14:13

@anz23mthings Same as games & graphic novels are new forms storytelling, new things we’re doing r new ways of telling stories #anz23mthings

— Cath Sheard (@KiwiLibrarian)2013-10-31T08:13:58

Please remember to use#anz23mthings hashtag so it goes into the chat archive – thanks kate

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:13:53

@anz23mthings Q1 #Storiesstay the same, just in other forms and formats! #Libraries#librarians are the best in adjusting #anz23mthings

— Karen du Toit (@karentoittoit)2013-10-31T08:13:36

#anz23mthings libraries equivalent to fireplaces of ancient times, where people gather to tell stories, share info, and create new knowledge

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:13:18

Q1 is perhaps a little more theoretical, but hopefully thought-provoking 😀#anz23mthings who doesn’t love stories anyway? Abby

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:12:46

Q1- local history sections are fantastic examples of how libraries are about stories – as is living book programs#anz23mthings

— Kate Freedman (@katejf)2013-10-31T08:12:44

@anz23mthings And you’re pretty awesome too Kate 🙂#anz23mthings

— Cath Sheard (@KiwiLibrarian)2013-10-31T08:10:20

And it begins… Q1. Libraries may not be just about books anymore, but they are still about stories. Discuss.#anz23mthings

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:10:03

#anz23mthings has been great to see everyone joining in the adventure 🙂

— Mylee Joseph (@myleejoseph)2013-10-31T08:09:24

@anz23mthings Yep, good to go!#anz23mthings

— Cath Sheard (@KiwiLibrarian)2013-10-31T08:09:22

*waves* – are we ready to start off with Q1? My computer is having some trouble loading tweets so apologies if I get behind:) #anz23mthings

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:08:38

@anz23mthings Hi Abby#anz23mthings

— Lee Rowe (@LeeRowe)2013-10-31T08:08:25

@anz23mthings Thanks for organising this for tonight Abby, you’re a star.#anz23mthings

— Cath Sheard (@KiwiLibrarian)2013-10-31T08:07:35

@KiwiLibrarian@anz23mthings hi Cath, fancy that! #anz23mthings

— Lee Rowe (@LeeRowe)2013-10-31T08:07:28

@karentoittoit Hi Karen – great to have you with us 🙂 Really enjoy all your enthusiasm for #anz23mthings– great stuff 🙂

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:07:10

@LeeRowe @anz23mthings Lee fancy seeing you here 🙂#anz23mthings

— Cath Sheard (@KiwiLibrarian)2013-10-31T08:06:24

@katejf Kate I was thinking about you yesterday and wondered how your week is going. #anz23mthings

— Cath Sheard (@KiwiLibrarian)2013-10-31T08:05:58

This is Abby tweeting from#anz23mthings account tonight; great to chat with you all 🙂 Looking forward to this!

— ANZ 23 Mobile Things (@anz23mthings)2013-10-31T08:05:38

@myleejoseph @anz23mthingsHi Mylee, great you’re here too#anz23mthings

— Cath Sheard (@KiwiLibrarian)2013-10-31T08:05:32

@anz23mthings hello tweeps#anz23mthings

— Lee Rowe (@LeeRowe)2013-10-31T08:05:23

@karentoittoit @anz23mthingsHey there Karen, glad you can join us. #anz23mthings

— Cath Sheard (@KiwiLibrarian)2013-10-31T08:05:06

@anz23mthings Saying hi – Cath from Patea & Waverley Libraries. Currently in#hyperlibMOOC & have loved#anz23mthings

— Cath Sheard (@KiwiLibrarian)2013-10-31T08:04:05

@anz23mthings Hi from South Africa at 10am #anz23mthings

— Karen du Toit (@karentoittoit)2013-10-31T08:03:46

RT @anz23mthings: Starting#anz23mthings Twitter chat in 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. – who’s joining the chat tonight? Take a minute (and a tweet) to sa…

— Mylee Joseph (@myleejoseph)2013-10-31T08:03:09

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