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The Final Form (and get a certificate of completion)

7 Nov

We would really appreciate you filling out one, final form for us, so we can see how everyone has improved over the last 6 months.

It has been an epic, fantastic, exhillarating journey and we thank all of you for coming along on the ride with us.

There is also a question at the end if you would like a certificate of completion to be sent to you, so you can brag quietly admire your accomplishment.


Kate and Abigail.

Please take our halfway survey!

8 Aug

Welcome to this catch-up week which marks the half-way point of the ANZ 23 Mobile Things course!

We know there’s a lot to keep up with, and so we’re keeping this week very low-key.

We would really appreciate it if you could fill out this really short survey for us. It’s really short – at the most, three questions, and did I mention it was fun?

Thanks for being awesome – we are really enjoying all the interactions and conversations this course has sparked! I’m looking forward to the final half of the course – how about you?

Like to be part of my LIANZA Conference 2013 presentation? That’d be Vine!

7 Aug

Vine Leaves I
Vine Leaves I by Kansas Poetry (Patrik) via CC license on Flickr

Hey, as you might know, I (Abigail) am presenting on ANZ 23 Mobile Things at LIANZA Conference 2013 this October!!! It’s pretty exciting – being my first conference presentation and all (give or take, my first LONG presentation as I’m presenting on my BA research in a 10 minute session earlier in the conference)…

It’d be really cool if you are coming to LIANZA Conference if you’d come along to my session – it’s on Wednesday 23rd October at 11:15AM, but it would be even cooler if you were IN my presentation!

“How?” you may ask.

Easy! I have a 30 minute session to present called: “Wandering wirelessly over the ditch: A professional development collaboration” and I had a great idea.

A one or two minute video showcasing some of the varied participants in the programme saying one thing they liked best about ANZ 23 mobile things, or one new thing they have learned.

This could be done through a collection of vines – six seconds max – so I could showcase 10 participants in one minute, or 20 in two minutes.

So your homework challenge for this week is to video yourself (maybe doing a six second vine) or a longer video, but maximum should be 10-15 seconds, which you can either tweet to me @ajwillemse91 or e-mail to me.

This video should be about:

  1. One thing you like best about ANZ 23 Mobile Things OR
  2. One new thing you have learned OR
  3. Anything else you really want to say about ANZ 23 Mobile Things

Feel free to be creative – if you don’t feel comfortable videoing yourself, you could try using writing or animation or something in a short video to show one thing you learned, or one thing you liked about ANZ 23 Mobile Things.

I just think the best thing about this programme is the enthusiastic participants and the interactions we have shared, and what better way to capture this than in a video compilation?

Please note that if you do send me a video, I may edit it for time constraints and I may not necessarily use all the videos if I receive a whole lot. It’d also be great to include your name and country in a caption on the video, if you are comfortable with that. I will show the video in my presentation at LIANZA 2013, and may also put up the video on this blog or our Youtube channel.  If you have any further questions about this, please do e-mail me.

I’m really looking forward to this!

The Start of 23 Mobile Things

4 May

Many people mistakenly believe that Abigail and I created the 23 Mobile Things program.  While flattering, this is not true.  We are just ‘service providers’, using the material provided by Jan Holmquist, Mylee Joseph and Kathryn Barwick to bring you an interactive experience.

So how did this program come to be?

Here is a timeline courtesy of Mylee:

2006 – Helene Blowers invented the first 23 Things course at the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County (USA) as a way of encouraging all of their staff to explore web 2.0 technology in a fun, self paced way.  It was also the best way she could think of to reach so many so quickly across their library service.

2007 – Helene visits Australia on one of many speaking visits around the world talking about the course and inspires literally hundreds of versions of the course in many different languages around the world – Mylee together with @ellenforsyth hear her presentation and are inspired to create a 23 things style course for the NSW public library network (2,400 people)

2008 – Ellen Forsyth and Mylee Joseph launch NSW Public Libraries Learning 2.0 a course that more than 1,000 people participate in.  Ellen continues the course with Learning 2.1 as technology continues to evolve

2012 – Six years on Helene reflects on the impact 23 things has had on the library world around the world

2012 – Tweetup in Denmark means @janholmquist and @myleejoseph meet in person for the first time.  Jan has recognised the game changing impact of mobile technologies for libraries and has a plan to help his library colleagues to develop their skills and awareness.  Jan is about to launch #23mobileting for the staff at Guldborgsund-bibliotekerene in Danish, with input from Dr Michael Stephens and he is keen to also make the course available to English speaking colleagues.   Mylee knows how effective this style of self paced learning, play and reflection has been in the past and offers to help adapt the course to English.

2013 – Adapting 23 Mobile Things is included in the activities of the State Library of NSW’s Innovation Project (Mylee and Kathryn Barwick are the Innovation Project Team) and the website is launched via Tame the Web

Mylee and Jan

So there you have it, In April it was launched and on Monday we start our journey here at #anz23mthings.

Don’t forget to visit their blog or twitter account.

Do you want to know more?  Have a question for Jan, Mylee or Kathryn?  Well you can ask them.  Leave your question as a comment, on twitter (please use the hashtag #anz23mthings) or on facebook and we will ask them.

We are having a Google + hangout on Wednesday 8th May 2013 at 6pm (EST Australia), 8pm (Auckland- NZ).  As G+ limits the number of people in the hangout, we are going to live stream it on youtube.  We will update you with the link closer to the time.

All About Abigail

2 May

Hi everybody,

Kate and I thought it might be a good idea if we do introduction posts so that you get to know us, the organisers of the course, a little bit better 🙂   So here goes…

2Abigail Willemse_01Oct2012_0011m

This is me 🙂

Kate asked: “Why did you decide to be a librarian?” It’s pretty simple really; I got to my last year of home-schooling and wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I was talking about career options with my parents and they suggested becoming a librarian because I love to read. We researched the options and found the Open Polytechnic. I started very part-time in my final year of home-schooling. With the first paper, I realized that librarianship was about so much more than just books, and that it really excited me. I went into full-time study the year after and haven’t looked back since!

I regard myself as a *very* new information professional; I am just about finished my undergraduate degree (June 2013!) and am aged between 20 and 25 (although considerably closer to 20!).  I am completing my final research paper for my BA (LIS & The Humanities) through the Open Polytechnic of New Zealand and will be finished my degree in June 2013. The topic I am researching is: “How do librarians use Twitter to form and cultivate mentoring relationships?” If you are interested in reading a bit more about my research (and answering my research questions to inform the topic!), please check out this page on the New Professionals NZ website. You can also search for it on Twitter under #TwitMentoring. I will presenting my research at LIANZA Conference 2013 in a ten minute lightning session at the Pub-SIG workshop.

I’ve worked in several part-time library positions at the Education Library at the University and a medical library. I’m currently working full-time at a tertiary library in Hamilton on a six-month cataloging project which finishes mid-July. I’m really enjoying the work and learning lots and lots not only about cataloging, but about collection development, weeding, etc… I’m really excited about finishing my degree in June, applying for LIANZA Professional Registration and starting my year of being mentored, and finding a new (hopefully permanent) full-time library job! At the same time, I’m also a bit nervous and scared because everything is sort of finishing at the same time, and I’m not sure what new challenge I will move onto. But I’m sure it will be an exciting one!

Professionally, I am a representative of the LIANZA Waikato/BOP regional committee, member of the Communications Committee for LIANZA Conference 2013, and volunteer editor of LIANZA’s Library Life, a fortnightly newsletter for members. I have also served as a student representative on the Open Polytechnic’s Academic Board for 2 1/2 years now, and really enjoy learning more about the educational sector in New Zealand as well as being a strong voice for students (particularly library students!) at the same time. I’m really interested in library students and noticed that there wasn’t much of a community for ‘young’ librarians who are new to the profession so started up New Professionals Network earlier this year. The response from the community was tremendous, and I feel very blessed to have the backing of new (and not so new) professionals in this endeavour. We are still determining the direction and continual evolving of this group, but watch this space as it continues to develop.

I am passionate about engagement, mentoring, and peer support in the library and information profession and love to hang out on Twitter with my PLN. I think librarians are a fantastic bunch of people to have as friends and colleagues because they are all so giving, intelligent, and helpful – as well as being a lot of fun! A fact you may not know about me is that I was home-schooled all my life, so I have never been to a ‘school’ as such. Maybe as a result of this, I really enjoy self-directed learning and the Dutch side of me (!) like free, self-directed learning! Hence this course really appealed because I enjoy mobile technologies (have an iPad on loan from work, an iPod touch and just bought an Android tablet), it is self-paced, and we can do it as a group so we have that community engagement and support.

So how did I come to be organising this with Kate?

The simple answer – Twitter. I saw the link to this course from Dr. Michael Stephens (who is a key-note speaker for LIANZA Conference this year). I checked it out on his blog and did a short post on the New Professionals NZ blog and on the list-servs. I had heaps of people contacting me saying they would love to do this as part of a group, so I started working towards setting up one. Along the way, Kate Freedman jumped in on Twitter and said: “Hey, let’s run this together as a joint venture between New Professionals NZ and ALIA NGAC!” One thing lead to another, and here we are… Kate is a fantastic person and it is so easy to work with her on collaborating with this project. We both have particular strengths and can help one another out and bounce ideas around which leads to even more ideas!

What do I hope to get out of being an organiser of this group? So much – and I have already gotten so much out of this. Here’s a few things I have done in the past few weeks that I haven’t really done before:

  • Writing a conference abstract
  • Setting up Google forms & embedding them in a blog
  • Planning a time-table for the whole course and extra activities/social online events

I hope to continue to grow my own mobile technology skills, gain some new friends, and apply what I am learning into my own work. It’s a fantastic learning (and teaching experience) for me and I am really enjoying the journey so far.

Do I regard myself as an expert in these 23 things? No way! Some of them I am very comfortable with, some of them less comfortable with, and some of them I have never even heard of or tried! I will be learning as much as everyone involved in this group. The beauty of going through with a cohort of people is that we can all help each other out and learn together.

Any advice for people who have a lot on and may struggle to get time to do these things? Sorry, I’m going to have to quote Nike here: “Just do it!” Just a little bit every day; if you chip away at it, you will get there. Can I just encourage you to:

  • Be bold
  • Be brave
  • Be curious
  • Be experimentative
  • Be passionate
  • Be vocal
  • Have fun!
Me and my beautiful younger sister as bridesmaids at my older sisters wedding in June 2012

Me and my beautiful younger sister as bridesmaids at my older sisters wedding in June 2012

All About Kate

1 May

Hi everybody, This is a hard post to write.  It seems I am not alone when I say I find it hard to write about myself.  But I shall give it a go.

Kate Freedman

This is me. With the family dog back in Perth, on my way to my cousin’s wedding.

My name is Kate and I am an academic librarian working in Melbourne, Australia.  I graduated with a Graduate Diploma in Information Science from Edith Cowan University in 2007 and did the Graduate Program at the State Library of Western Australia before switching to academic libraries.   Until 2010 I lived in Perth, Western Australia where I was born.

My background is in Retail and Information Management.  I have a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and a Post Graduate Diploma in Management Information Systems.   I also studied Fashion Buying and Design in London, so have come a long way to finding my niche in libraries.  But it all helps.  My retail skills help me deal with clients and stakeholders, and my Fashion buying class taught me how to predict trends and the power of conversation.  I also spent a year in Japan, and while I can no longer speak Japanese, it has made me more sensitive when helping people who have English as a second language, as I remember how hard it was to communicate there.

I consider myself a twitterholicinstagram addict and permanently attached to my computer, iPhone or iPad.  I am also an avid reader, home cook, knitter and crafter, and have been told by my friend to write how I knitted her a crab hat.  I am also addicted to CSI/NCIS style tv shows.

So how did I get involved with this program.  The short answer: Twitter.  I am currently the chair of the New Generation Advisory Committee, which is an ALIA advisory committee, and saw a tweet from Abigail how she was planning to run this in NZ through the New Professionals Network.  One of our (NGAC’s) current goals is to promote international collaboration  as well as professional development so here was this perfect idea.  I tweeted her back with the idea of a collaboration and the rest, as they say is history.

I do not consider myself an expert in these things at all.  I am doing this course myself to further my skills, and knowledge, even about the ‘Things’ in the program I feel I am an ‘expert’ at.  I have learnt so much already just from setting the course up.  For myself I am hoping to dedicate one evening a week to learning about each thing.  I then will probably play with it a bit more and hopefully even write the odd blog post or two about it on my blog.

I love being a librarian and the community, I feel, is an especially close one.   In organising this program with Abigail I am realising just how friendly and helpful it is.  If you are not part of your local ALIA or LIANZA group, please contact them and get involved.  It is a great way to meet people, find contacts and learn new things.  Also join Twitter.  Twitter has made me feel part of that community, especially when I moved interstate, so I would encourage everyone to try it.  This program would not be going ahead without twitter and the support from everyone on the platform so, thank you.

Lastly, if you want to know anything else about me, or ask me any questions I am always on twitter or leave a comment below.

This is also me, early on a Sunday morning before coffee, hence the dazed expression.

This is also me, early on a Sunday morning before coffee, hence the dazed expression.

Calling all volunteers

30 Apr

We love that everyone is enthusiastic about joining us and working through the 23 mobile things with us.  But we need YOUR help, we cannot do it alone.

Each week we will be featuring a blog post about the current week’s ‘thing’, a weekly wrap up post and of course the interactive tweets etc.

Don’t forget, if you already know about all these 23 Mobile Things, why don’t you sign up as a mentor and help out the others doing this course?

We need volunteers (or as I like to think of you) guests to help us create each of these posts.

Here is what is involved:

The feature post:

Will be published on the Monday or Tuesday
Will summarise and link to the 23 Mobile Things ‘thing’ page- but will also include our own variations/perspectives/challenges on the Thing.
Each post is divided into three sections:

  • Discover (what the Thing is all about)
  • Explore (do it for yourself, experiment!)
  • Thinking points (own variations and challenges, how can you use it personally, in your library, etc?)

The wrap-up post:

Will be published on the Saturday or Sunday
Will gather the best bits from people and put them all in one spot.

  • Twitter: We will be using a twitter capture program to capture tweets using the #anz23mthings
  • Blog posts: We ask that people link back to the week’s featured post on our blog so we can track the pingpacks (there will also be a blogroll)
  • Facebook: Hopefully that will be easy
  • Personal reflection: What did you learn this week? Maybe you have a take-home point to share with us!
  • Other: Have a unique way- let us know.

Interested- fantastic, here is the next step.

Allocation will be on a first come, first served.
Have another look at the 23 Mobile Things and see which ones you would like to post for.
Then fill in the small survey below.  Please fill it in for each post you wish to do.  We would be very happy if you wanted to do more than one post.

As they appear in my inbox I will allocate them.  The below table shows which ones are already allocated. I will also send you an e-mail confirmation/reminder.

Thankyou (no copyright information given)


Thing No

Feature Post

Wrap Up Post


 ✓  ✓







 ✓  ✓


 ✓  ✓


 ✓  ✓


 ✓  ✓


 ✓  ✓




 ✓  ✓




 ✓  ✓


 ✓  ✓


 ✓  ✓


 ✓  ✓


 ✓   ✓


 ✓  ✓




 ✓  ✓




 ✓  ✓


 ✓   ✓

Welcome to Week 0!

29 Apr

Hi everyone,

Welcome to Week 0 of the ANZ 23 Mobile Things group! There are over 420 people signed up to do this course so this should be a fantastic learning journey to share together!

We don’t have a huge amount lined up for Week 0 – we are kicking off today with a short introduction survey so we can see where you are all starting out from and use that to compare where you are at the end of the course. So please do fill in this short survey; it’s only got 9 questions and will be fun 😀
So here’s the schedule of blog content to look for this week:

Monday: Welcome post, Introduction survey
Tuesday: Volunteer opportunities blog post
Wednesday: Introducing Kate Freedman (ALIA NGAC)
Thursday: Introducing Abigail Willemse (New Professionals NZ)
Friday: Fun poll/discussion to kick off the weekend

If you have staff or know colleagues who might be interested in joining up to do this course, please check out our FAQ page for some more details and an easy PDF that you can print/e-mail and share with others.

Don’t forget to check us out online!

Have a great week!

Abigail Willemse & Kate Freedman

Please take our quick introduction survey

29 Apr

Hi everyone,

So we are about to embark on a fantastic course of learning all about mobile technologies… But how do we measure how much we have learned over the course? Easy – with some periodic surveys along the way!

This is the first introduction survey which will help us to get to know you a little bit and measure how much you know (or how much you think you know!) about the 23 Mobile Things before we start the course. We will  be using a series of short fun surveys (like this one) to track your progress and engagement throughout the course.  The final survey will be very similar to this one and then we will be able to see how much everyone has learned throughout the course.

So what are you waiting for? Please take our survey 🙂

We look forward to beginning this amazing learning journey with all 400+ of you!!!

Apple versus Android! Vote in our poll

26 Apr

And it’s on – who do you think is going to win?! Just a fun way to kick off the weekend before Week 0 starts on Monday 😀

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