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Weekly Wrap-up Post: Week Seven.

30 Jun
Communication Breakdown

Image: Communication Breakdown by Flickr User: Stéfan
Used under Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Hello? Is this thing on?

It’s been a quiet week amongst the ANZ 23 mobile things community.

It was great to see the mobile things crew at this weeks Google Hangout. During this session, the group discussed some of the previous weeks things including Historypin and video tools including Vine and Instagram’s new video service. There was also discussion of this weeks thing: Communication tools – Google Hangouts vs Skype. I liked Jan’s characterisation that Google Hangouts are the new “cool cafe” and Mylee’s suggestion to weed your Google Reader feeds before export to another feed reader.  Did your library do anything to assist your clients to a new RSS tool?

During the Hangout Mylee shared this article comparing Skype and Google Hangouts.

A quick perusal of the ANZ 23 mobile things twitter feed shows a couple of posts by other ANZ 23 mobile things participants:

Karen @karentoittoit discusses the digital haves and have nots – unable to try out Google Hangouts on her phone due to the need to have the latest OS but happily able to use skype and follow the discussion on Twitter.

Cardigan Librarian @susiepkmelb shares her thoughts on Communication, Skype, Google +

And Kath @KiwiLibrarian has also shared a post on her thoughts – I really like the suggestion of using Google hangouts as a tool to allow staff from the remotest branches to get to know each other – a great way to overcome the distance and bring the team together.

Final thoughts

Aside from the usual issues of access, it would appear that the group  reached a consensus that Google Hangouts and Skype were useful tools that the group could use to host meetings, catch up with geographically distant friends and use for library programming.

This post was necessarily short as my home broadband and landline have failed this week and I had to use the last of my data allowance on my phone to make this post (I’m a digital “have-not” for the time being and I hate it).

Next week we’ll be examining calendar services.

#Anz23mthings Hangout 2 archived video

26 Jun

Hi everyone,

thank you to those who tuned in for the live-stream of our second hangout with the 23 Mobile Things crew. We had a great chat and covered Historypin (and the pub that kept walking away), Google hangouts versus Skype (complete with technical problems), how to interact with social media when it is not encouraged at work (and how to convince managers that it is worth it!), and concluded with discussing some new apps and technology we have discovered.

You can watch our archived chat below – apologies in advance for the poor quality of my web-cam. Google hangouts app currently won’t let you join an app on air, so I had to use my desktop (and correspondingly cheap web cam). Jan did say you could think of it as a “gangster filter” though which makes it cooler!

Hope you enjoy the chat; let us know your thoughts either in comments on the video, this blog post, Twitter, anywhere really!

Thing 7: Communicate (Google+ hangout, Skype)

24 Jun

ring ring
Ring ring by Differentieel + JeeeM = DailyM via CC license on Flickr

Sadly, this week’s post went missing so we are giving you Myles’s post from  Don’t forget to go to their site for more great information on all the things!

It often seems as though distance and time are the enemy, yet there are many opportunities to work together using technology to break down the tyranny of distance. In this Thing we’re taking a closer look at Skype and Google+ Hangouts to see how libraries are using them to deliver client focused services and to work together as teams.


Robin Ashford has some great ideas about ways libraries can be using Google+ Hangouts and Skype.  David Lee King points out that Google Plus hangouts are some of the interactive and accessible mediums that may help your library (or blog) grow its online community.

Google+ Hangouts:

  • New York Public Library have a NYPL Google+ Hangout Book Club available
  • The Games and Public Libraries seminars in World of Warcraft are offering a Google+ Hangout option to watch
  • Create a Google+ account (if you don’t already have one) and try holding a Google+ Hangout with a colleague at another branch or library site




  • Could a school class Skype with a member of your staff, for example the local history librarian or reference librarian?
  • Could you Skype author visits into your community and show it on a big screen?
  • Can you Skype in a guest presenter for a team meeting or professional development day?
  • Are you trying to work together as a team across distances (eg. various library sites or branches), could a Google+ Hangout sometimes replace a meeting?
  • Could you use Google+ hangouts to create a virtual tour / orientation visit to your library?
  • Could your library offer high school students ”late night librarian Q&A sessions” during the cram weeks / study vacation before exams via Google+ hangouts?
  • Do you offer a Google+ online reference desk service?


Yes – our first hangout with the 23 Mobile Things Creators (Jan, Mylee and Kathryn) was so popular, we are doing another one! This is on TOMORROW NIGHT, Tuesday, June 25th at 8:30PM (NZ), 6:30PM (AEST), and 4:30PM(AWST). You can read more about it in this notice, so please do tune into the live-stream of this hangout and ask us your questions on Twitter or Facebook, or comment on the blog.

Come and hangout with the #ANZ23mthings team!

24 Jun

Just a heads-up that we are planning the second Google+ hangout with the creators of 23 Mobile Things for Tuesday, June 25th, at 8:30PM (NZ time), 6:30PM (AEST) – that’s tomorrow!

Hope you can catch up with us and watch the live-stream of the hangout as we discuss:

  • the Things we have learned so far
  • the Things that are yet to come
  • a few tips on having your own Google hangout as that is Thing 7 – the focus for this week 🙂

So tune into our video-channel at 8:30PM (NZ), 6:3oPM (AEST), and 4:30PM(AWST) to join in. You can tweet us your questions using the #anz23mthings or ask them as comments on this post and we’ll do our best to answer them.

Click here to watch the live stream of the Google+ Hangout


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