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Like to be part of my LIANZA Conference 2013 presentation? That’d be Vine!

7 Aug

Vine Leaves I
Vine Leaves I by Kansas Poetry (Patrik) via CC license on Flickr

Hey, as you might know, I (Abigail) am presenting on ANZ 23 Mobile Things at LIANZA Conference 2013 this October!!! It’s pretty exciting – being my first conference presentation and all (give or take, my first LONG presentation as I’m presenting on my BA research in a 10 minute session earlier in the conference)…

It’d be really cool if you are coming to LIANZA Conference if you’d come along to my session – it’s on Wednesday 23rd October at 11:15AM, but it would be even cooler if you were IN my presentation!

“How?” you may ask.

Easy! I have a 30 minute session to present called: “Wandering wirelessly over the ditch: A professional development collaboration” and I had a great idea.

A one or two minute video showcasing some of the varied participants in the programme saying one thing they liked best about ANZ 23 mobile things, or one new thing they have learned.

This could be done through a collection of vines – six seconds max – so I could showcase 10 participants in one minute, or 20 in two minutes.

So your homework challenge for this week is to video yourself (maybe doing a six second vine) or a longer video, but maximum should be 10-15 seconds, which you can either tweet to me @ajwillemse91 or e-mail to me.

This video should be about:

  1. One thing you like best about ANZ 23 Mobile Things OR
  2. One new thing you have learned OR
  3. Anything else you really want to say about ANZ 23 Mobile Things

Feel free to be creative – if you don’t feel comfortable videoing yourself, you could try using writing or animation or something in a short video to show one thing you learned, or one thing you liked about ANZ 23 Mobile Things.

I just think the best thing about this programme is the enthusiastic participants and the interactions we have shared, and what better way to capture this than in a video compilation?

Please note that if you do send me a video, I may edit it for time constraints and I may not necessarily use all the videos if I receive a whole lot. It’d also be great to include your name and country in a caption on the video, if you are comfortable with that. I will show the video in my presentation at LIANZA 2013, and may also put up the video on this blog or our Youtube channel.  If you have any further questions about this, please do e-mail me.

I’m really looking forward to this!


#Anz23mthings Hangout 2 archived video

26 Jun

Hi everyone,

thank you to those who tuned in for the live-stream of our second hangout with the 23 Mobile Things crew. We had a great chat and covered Historypin (and the pub that kept walking away), Google hangouts versus Skype (complete with technical problems), how to interact with social media when it is not encouraged at work (and how to convince managers that it is worth it!), and concluded with discussing some new apps and technology we have discovered.

You can watch our archived chat below – apologies in advance for the poor quality of my web-cam. Google hangouts app currently won’t let you join an app on air, so I had to use my desktop (and correspondingly cheap web cam). Jan did say you could think of it as a “gangster filter” though which makes it cooler!

Hope you enjoy the chat; let us know your thoughts either in comments on the video, this blog post, Twitter, anywhere really!

Weekly Wrap-Up Post: Week 6

17 Jun

It’s been a video fest this week.
I have to say, there are some interesting videos out there from being informative to laugh-out-loud knock you off your chair funny.


Well, lets start off with looking at YouTube. Thanks everyone who has shared a video. There is a YouTube playlist channel set-up compiling all the videos everyone has shared.

My favourites includes the magic of the library, the book domino chain world record and the hilarious Betty Glover Library Workout Tape.

Go on, check it out if you haven’t already. What’s your favourite?

Contributors include:

@karentoittoit via Twitter
@misslibrarygirl via Twitter
@Dlibr via Twitter
@Melissa_0001 via Twitter
@rickfoster29 via Twitter
@ctsyak1 via Twitter
@madradish via Twitter
Sandie Bowie via Facebook
Wendy Butcher via Facebook
@arwenamin via Twitter
@liber_amoris via Twitter
@ajwillemse91 via Twitter
@CorinneHinton via Twitter
‏@lor_rahh via Twitter
@ktpel via Twitter
@BonnieMagerNZ via Twitter
@dorotaip via Twitter


Karena Higgs tried making a video with the Vine app and finding it fun.

Mylee Joseph ‏@myleejoseph shared a winning Vine clip.

While Cath Sheard ‏@KiwiLibrarian had a bad first try with Vine. I feel you Cath, I had exactly the same experience, though fun.


Karen Pellegrino ‏@ktpel shared her first video on infomation literature created using Animoto. It looks slick and very professional.

Maybe you can try creating your video using Animoto?


Wanting to spice up your bio with a video? Mylee Joseph created a Twitter Video for Vizify. Very creative.


Karen @karentoittoit shared her favourite video on the creative use of digital archives and experimented with Vine in screencasting a how to guide to using QR codes.

In SharonU’s blog she talks about how the constraints with limited staffing resources can hinder how a library may not have a YouTube channel. However she also noted that she have used other libraries/librarians/library staff YouTube videos as resources for students to watch and learn things.

Renee Stokes talks about Google kisses and library advertising, all from watching a Burberry Kisses ad served up by Google ads. Are libraries using digital advertising like Google ads to help promote our videos?

Issue with mobile videos

Highlighted by Ellen Hrebeniuk ‏@EllenHrebeniuk, there are still issues with viewing videos from your mobile, as the buffering pauses can be really frustrating.

Other mobile apps I’ve used to watch videos

Vimeo for android
Vimeo for iphone

My final thoughts

I think videos are becoming more and more important. Working in a digital team for a professional services company has shown that there is a demand for them. Videos are a great avenue for us to create conversations and engagements with our audiences.

I know I’ve spent too much time on YouTube and I’m sure the younger generation is on it a lot. It’s a tool that provides entertainment, education and sharing.

Although it is important, libraries and librarians are finding it hard to allocate resources to this. I feel if we aren’t in the space where some of our audiences are, then we are missing out in connecting with this large market.

I hope what everyone has shared has given you an insight into what’s possible and what we can do in the video space. Let’s experiment and try. You never know, your video could go viral.

Signing out.

Mark Huynh @E_venturer

Homework – Share your favourite library video for our YouTube playlist!

14 Jun

Just thought I’d should do a quick blog post as this was in the weekly e-mail, but not in the introduction post for this week…So your homework this week is to share your favourite library-related video:

  • on Twitter using #anz23mthings #FavVideo hashtags OR
  • post to our Facebook wall

and we will add it to our YouTube playlist. Please try to share by tonight, then we can spend the weekend watching these fantastic videos!

The only criteria is that it needs to be ‘library-related’ but this is very broad. It might be related to books, information literacy, searching for information, education, technology, the list goes on!

An example might be this video, which educates people on how animals eat their food:

Or not!

Or this one:

But I’m sure you get the general idea.

So go crazy and share your favourite library-related vidoes – we’d love to see them!

Thing 6: YouTube + Screencasts

11 Jun
The One Hour Per Second video is YouTube’s statistics as of January 2012. With 10 decades worth of video uploaded every day, YouTube’s usage via mobile is accounting for 1/4 of global views. With hundreds of millions of devices wracking up 1 billion views a day, YouTube is the 3rd most popular website after Facebook and Google.
Other than Youtube, Vimeo, Vine, ViddySocial CamAnimotouStream are some of the various video apps and tools. Screencasting is another whole kettle of fish.
Screencasting is traditionally capturing video of a screen for training or educational purposes. One of the screencasts I regularly watch are gamers screencasts, of their screen as they play through a game. While some smartphones give you the ability to capture screenshots, there are few legitimate apps. Much of the software is only desktop recording.
So in this Thing, we will check out some of the different ways libraries are using video to not only engage with clients, provide services,  general information and event programming while still having fun.


You have probably seen some great uses of YouTube for libraries.

But what about something new like Vine ?


Beginners: Record a video on your mobile device and upload a YouTube video

  • you will need to create a YouTube account to upload your video
  • you could try using the YouTube Capture by Google app if you are using iOS or download the Vine app or use any other video platform

More experienced: Challenge yourself to create a video using Vine (using #anz23mthings when you share it), Animoto  (iOS and Android apps available) or Xtranormal

Bonus Points:

  • Create a screencast video of a regular library task and commentate the video like a documentary.


This post is a remix of 23mobilethings.net Thing 6.

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