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Thing 17: Evernote and Zotero

9 Sep

I have post-it notes in my car for traffic light epiphanies. It’s common to see me swipe in at work with them stuck to my ID card. These sticky notes then go onto my desk, or PC monitor, and are then written on a list. If it wasn’t illegal I’d be using Evernote on my phone at the lights. That way my virtual post-its would be synched across my phone, tablet, my work and home computers, and the web. For my money, Evernote is all sorts of awesome. It got even cooler when I learnt I could take a photo of my post-its and not only save them but search the text of my messy handwriting too!



In a nutshell, Evernote is a cloud-based note-taking, organising and archiving application that works online and off, and synchs across multiple platforms. Use it to grab text, pictures, audio and web clippings. You can tag these notes, and group them in notebooks, which makes the search function outstanding. Users can share notes or collaborate securely on projects. It is flexible, fast, convenient and easy to use. Not to mention the eye candy! Evernote is slick, stylish and a gorgeous green. The all important user interface is intuitive, simple to navigate and very good-looking – especially on the iPad.

I have to admit, I don’t know heaps about Zotero. But that’s why we’re doing this course, right?!



Where Evernote strives to help you “remember everything” (sounds ideal!), Zotero wants to be “your personal assistant” (also inviting!). It’s clear these two (of the 23 mobile) things are similar, but each is trying – successfully I believe – to carve a niche in the “let us help you, to help yourself” market. Zotero is designed for researchers and library clients, and like Evernote, users love the ability to collaborate and that it synchronizes. It’s other beauty is that it not only arranges documents in project folders, but it also organises citation information for each source. And we’ve all had eleventh hour crises trying to create a bibliography, right?!



From the Zotero website:

Zotero [zoh-TAIR-oh] is a free, easy-to-use tool to help you collect, organize, cite, and share your research sources. Zotero is the only research tool that automatically senses content in your web browser, allowing you to add it to your personal library with a single click. Whether you’re searching for a preprint on arXiv.org, a journal article from JSTOR, a news story from the New York Times, or a book from your university library catalog, Zotero has you covered with support for thousands of sites.






  • How can you use these things in your library? Are your clients using them already?
  • Or do you need to show them how?
  • Should you create how-to guides?
  • Could you share notebooks with clients? And colleagues as a collaborative alternative to google docs?
  • Perhaps your library team could use Evernote Business?
  • Maybe you should capture mental ‘post-its’, or create ‘to do’ lists, by tweeting or DMing @myEN?

So, what do you love to do with Evernote? What’s your favourite feature of Zotero? Have you tried the Evernote Moleskine?! (#drool #want)
Please leave us a comment 🙂

This post is a remix with thanks of 23mobilethings.net‘s thing 17.

David Green is a proud Children’s and Youth Librarian in a Public Library. David blogs about libraries, learning and other loves at dpgreen.net. You can follow him on twitter @dpgreen.

#anz23mthings Twitter Chat 4: Ebooks & Curation

28 Aug

Join us TONIGHT, Wednesday 28th August at 8:00pm (NZT) / 6:00pm (AEST) for our fourth twitter chat! We’re discussing ebooks and curation, and we bet you have loads to say!

As you know, it’s easy to join in and follow the chat by using the #anz23mthings hashtag. For optimum excellence (and a possible head spin), follow the hashtag via the twitter search tool.

So you’re ready when the tweets start flying, here’s the questions:

  • Q1. Let’s start with a round of introductions. Who are you and where do you work? #anz23mthings
  • Q2. Do you have one favourite tool for curation? Or do you use different tools for different things? Why? #anz23mthings
  • Q3. Do you think that curation has changed with the Internet? How? #anz23mthings
  • Q4. Do you borrow ebooks from the library where you work or your public library? How easy is it? #anz23mthings
  • Q5. Is there anything you could do that make it easier for patrons to borrow ebooks from your library? #anz23mthings
  • Q6. Do you offer people any advice on managing their passwords when they first start downloading eBooks? People often end up creating 2 or 3 new ones in the process. #anz23mthings

We’ll try to keep the chat to an hour-ish but feel free to keep on chatting without us.
Remember, if you can’t make it, you could always schedule some tweets.
And don’t worry if you can’t make it; we will archive and blog the chat.
Chat with you tonight – and remember the #anz23mthings hashtag!

#anz23mthings Twitter Chat 3: Plugged In! Pros and cons of always being connected

8 Jul

We’d love it if you could join us TOMORROW, Tuesday 9th July at 8:30pm (NZT) / 6:30pm (AEST) for our third twitter chat!

All you have to do is start chatting on twitter and use the #anz23mthings hashtag. To maximise the awesomeness, follow the hashtag via the twitter search tool.

Plug it in by Ed Schipul on Flickr

Here is what we’ll be chatting about, in case you’d like to think about some tweets in advance. Or for bonus points, you could schedule some tweets if you can’t make it 😉

Q1. Mobile devices mean we can be connected ALL the time. What are the positives? #anz23mthings 

Q2. What are the negatives? #anz23mthings 

Q3. How and when do you disconnect? #anz23mthings

Q4. Is your social media image one of your most valuable job-seeking tools? #anz23mthings

Q5. Do you worry about how your social media image may represent your employer? #anz23mthings

We’ll try to keep the chat to an hour (or two) but feel free to keep chatting on without us.

After the first great chats, we’re excited to be sharing ideas again. But don’t worry if you can’t make it; we will archive and blog the chat.
Chat with you on Tuesday – and remember the #anz23mthings hashtag!

Weekly Wrap-up Post: Week Seven.

30 Jun
Communication Breakdown

Image: Communication Breakdown by Flickr User: Stéfan
Used under Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Hello? Is this thing on?

It’s been a quiet week amongst the ANZ 23 mobile things community.

It was great to see the mobile things crew at this weeks Google Hangout. During this session, the group discussed some of the previous weeks things including Historypin and video tools including Vine and Instagram’s new video service. There was also discussion of this weeks thing: Communication tools – Google Hangouts vs Skype. I liked Jan’s characterisation that Google Hangouts are the new “cool cafe” and Mylee’s suggestion to weed your Google Reader feeds before export to another feed reader.  Did your library do anything to assist your clients to a new RSS tool?

During the Hangout Mylee shared this article comparing Skype and Google Hangouts.

A quick perusal of the ANZ 23 mobile things twitter feed shows a couple of posts by other ANZ 23 mobile things participants:

Karen @karentoittoit discusses the digital haves and have nots – unable to try out Google Hangouts on her phone due to the need to have the latest OS but happily able to use skype and follow the discussion on Twitter.

Cardigan Librarian @susiepkmelb shares her thoughts on Communication, Skype, Google +

And Kath @KiwiLibrarian has also shared a post on her thoughts – I really like the suggestion of using Google hangouts as a tool to allow staff from the remotest branches to get to know each other – a great way to overcome the distance and bring the team together.

Final thoughts

Aside from the usual issues of access, it would appear that the group  reached a consensus that Google Hangouts and Skype were useful tools that the group could use to host meetings, catch up with geographically distant friends and use for library programming.

This post was necessarily short as my home broadband and landline have failed this week and I had to use the last of my data allowance on my phone to make this post (I’m a digital “have-not” for the time being and I hate it).

Next week we’ll be examining calendar services.

#anz23mthings Twitter Chat 2: Have smartphones bridged the digital divide?

28 May

CreativeTools.se - Twitter bird standing on branch - Close-up

CreativeTools.se – Twitter bird standing on branch – Close-up by Creative Tools via CC license on Flickr.

Hey everyone,

We are really looking forward to our second Twitter chat tomorrow night – Wednesday – from 8:30PM (NZ) and 6:30PM (AEST). The topic of this chat is: “Have smartphones bridged the digital divide?”

So please read this provocative article “Smartphones have bridged the digital divide” and then join us with discussing the following questions (Don’t forget the #anz23mthings hashtag!):

  • Q1. Are smartphones cheap enough to bridge the income divide or adequate as a PC substitute? #anz23mthings

  • Q2. What do you think the digital divide is? #anz23mthings

  • Q3. Do you think there is a digital divide in Australia or NZ?  If so who is affected and how can libraries help combat this? #anz23mthings

  • Q4. Does having a smartphone mean that you have bridged the digital (device) divide or is it more than that? #anz23mthings

  • Q5. Anything else? #anz23mthings

We are really looking forward to hearing your ideas! Don’t worry if you can’t make the chat; we will archive it afterwards and put it on the blog.
Chat with you tomorrow!

Wow, what a chat

17 May

Last night the hour flew by as a group of us gathered and chatted about libraries, avatars and personal vs professional accounts.

Wondering what we talked about? or want to go back and re-read the tweets at a less frantic pace?. Note: We stopped recording at 8:20pm (AEST).

Due to the length of this post we have moved it to its own page.

The Grabchat Chat #anz23mthings Twitter Chat 1 Archive.

#Anz23mthings Twitter Chat

15 May

Tomorrow night (Thursday 16th May) at 9pm (NZT) / 7pm (AEST) we are having are first twitter chat (#twitchat1).

To join us all you have to do is start chatting on twitter- and make sure you use the #anz23mthings hashtag.    To get the most out of the chat follow the hashtag via the twitter search tool.

Here is what we will be discussing.  We are aiming to keep the chat to an hour (or two) but feel free to keep chatting on without us.

See you tomorrow night.

Q1. Introductions for #anz23mthings #twitchat1! Who are you, where do you come from, and why are you doing the course?

Q2. Do you separate your personal and professional/work social media accounts? If so- why and how do you manage them? If not, why? #anz23mthings

Q3. Do you change your avatar/profile pic now and then? If so, why? If not, why? #anz23mthings

Q4. What’s one new thing you’ve learned so far from #anz23mthings?

Q5. Anything you’d like to ask us or anyone else on the #anz23mthings course?

twitter chat

Weekly Wrap-Up Post: Week 1

12 May

Joy by Alan Cleaver via CC license on Flickr

Wow, what a week.

We have had a fantastic time this week learning and swapping stories about twitter, We now have (at the time of writing) 408 followers of the @anz23mthings account.  Thank you everyone who joined us for the Google Hangout during the week.  Sorry about the technical difficulties, these things happen no matter how many times we rehearse.

So lets see what we talked about.  Don’t forget to look at our facebook page for more comments, and just because this week is over, don’t forget to keep tweeting.  PS: to make sure your tweet is captured please use the hashtag #anz23mthings.


Twitter Tips:

klfair So my Twitter tip for the newcomers: Go checkout The Beginner’s Guide to Twitter http://mashable.com/2012/06/05/twitter-for-beginners/

lgreenpd Twitter tip – time zones matter. Follow US and UK tweeps and catch up in the morning or engage in chat in the twilight.

BooksCatsTea Build a personal learning network is my advice, follow librarians/bloggers/colleagues/tech blog accts & interests.

lewisr3 when at conferences etc it’s nice to have a real photo as yr profile pic, and add yr twitter name to yr nametag then people can recognise you irl (in real life) 

KiwiLibrarian  My best tip? Learn to switch off when you need to. Tweeting 24/7 not recommended!

anz23mthings  Twitter is a conversation 1. Start by sending a tweet 2. Find an interesting tweet and respond to it 3. Repeat!

c_hocking Join a conversation you’re passionate about – for me it was ABC #Classic100 – that helped me ‘get’ Twitter 🙂

Anita_M_Brown Why did I join Twitter? There was a world of conversations that I was not part of! 

flexnib RT @ValaAfshar: When asked ‘why Twitter?’, consider answering: smart & kind people here & they’re willing to teach & be taught

janholmquist I use lists for must read tweets. Favorite important ones. I save articles to read later with “Pocket”<- thing 9

bonitoclub Twitter is like being at a big party, eavesdrop a bit and strike up some conversations
warrencheetham: Yet another reason why I love Twitter: http://t.co/WhaeBnrCHE


More  Resources:

myleejoseph For extra resources, check out the #23mobilethings Pinterest board for Twitter:http://t.co/vibIc9PS3s

flexnib Good advice for new Twitter users- avoid these mistakes: http://t.co/BNZC0Yti3c

myleejoseph Some tips for using lists in Twitter https://t.co/JbDrXkmglK

flexnib Twitter and the death of distance http://t.co/hVHqmkZvX4

@myleejoseph: Australian mobile lifestyle index 2012http://t.co/CZvsrRccrG

@julielindsay: Teachers – The 10 Stages of Twitter http://t.co/jBbX91KprF

janholmquist Useful: Top 50 Twitter Acronyms, Abbreviations & Initialisms http://t.co/282ggAn0r4

flexnib: 7 Great Tips On How To Twitter — http://bit.ly/YDqvgu 


Participants blogs:

Sarah: http://sarahlibrarina.tumblr.com/post/49820227635/thing1-twitter-how-i-roll-anz23mthings

Teresa: http://kalgrlslibraryblog.blogspot.com.au/2013/05/you-dont-write-you-dont-phone-but-man.html

Nicola: http://nmcgeown.wordpress.com/2013/05/07/my-name-is-nicola-and-i-am-a-twitterer/

Con: http://www.flexnib.com/2013/05/06/mobileness/

Sharon: http://wheretheriversmeetthesea.blogspot.com.au/2013/05/anz-23-mobile-things-thing-1-twitter.html

Jennifer: http://victory-rose.blogspot.com.au/2013/05/twitter-communicate-dont-broadcast.html

Fiona: http://fionablogsat.wordpress.com/2013/05/07/twitter-me-this/

Abigail: http://octopuslibrarian.wordpress.com/2013/05/11/listless-but-ok-how-im-solving-my-twitter-problem/

Stephanie: http://bookgrrl.wordpress.com/2013/05/09/twitter-hello-world/

Tony: http://bonitoclub.wordpress.com/2013/05/09/a-quiet-day-on-twitter/

Cath: http://www.kiwilibrarian.co.nz/lifelong-learning/

Kristy: http://kpallin.wordpress.com/2013/05/08/sorry-i-know-people-better-by-their-twitter-handle/

Anne: http://hecubasstory.blogspot.com.au/2013/05/anz23mthings-week-1-twitter-dilemma.html

Polly: http://www.pafa.net/lurk-learn-connect-tweet/

–Did we miss your blog post? Let us know in the comments, or make sure you add the #anz23mthings hashtag.


A Final Great Idea:

luvviealex  so, just wondering, is there an A-Z of Library/ian twitter hashtags as per http://t.co/05DpgrDqGG or can we create 1?

We were not sure, so we have started a public google doc; if you know of a hashtag- please add it 🙂

Week 1: Twitter

6 May

Welcome to the 1st mobile thing: Twitter.Twitter

As a long time twitter user, I was under the impression that I knew it all.  All about how to use hashtags, search, messages and more.

I was wrong.  I found various things I didn’t know and am encouraged that it is a great sign for how much more I am going to learn over the next 23 weeks.

Many of you will be using Twitter for the first time, welcome.  We would love it if you would follow us on @anz23mthings and use the hashtag #anz23mthings on your posts.

So let’s talk about twitter.


What is Twitter?
Twitter is a real-time information network sharing short messages called “tweets” that are just 140 characters long.  Twitter is a social network which allows people to choose which accounts they will follow and what information they wish to share with the people that follow them.   A lot of organisations, including libraries, also use Twitter.  Some examples include the National Library Australia, Auckland Libraries,  State Library of Victoria and Massey University Library.

For an introductory video please have a look at this video from Commoncraft, or check out this visual guide to Twitter.

A lot of individuals also use Twitter, including astronauts, celebrities (eg. @wilw,@algore), authors (@maureenjohnson@anitaheiss), sports peopleroyalty  and parody accounts.   There are also verified accounts as it is easy to imitate a person on Twitter (see the many accounts posing as Aung San Suu Kyi for example).  If you’re still not convinced that Twitter is for you, Ned Potter addresses some of the concerns people may have about Twitter in “7 reasons people don’t use twitter, and why ‘It’s a conversation’ is the answer to all of them“.

What is a hashtag and how does it work?
One of the features of Twitter is the use of hashtags.  They act as hyperlinks connecting conversations.  The use of hashtags to link conversations together has also carried over into other social networking tools like Instagram, Google+, Pinterest and Tumblr.  Hashtags are particularly useful for regular conversations such as ours #anz23mthings, natural disasters#eqnz,  sporting events and teams #cricket, events #ifla #tedx and conferences#sxsw.

What is Twitter etiquette?
Just like any community, there are accepted ways of communicating and behaving.  Here is a guide to Twitter etiquette.

How can library workers use it for professional development?

  • following conferences and seminars eg. #LIANZA
  • building a personal learning network (PLN)
  • keeping up with trends and industry news #npsig  #mtogo
  • sharing links to research and reports (eg Pew Internet)


What can I do to become a confident twitter user?

Go to the explore section on the 23 Mobile Things blog, they have a great list on what to do, starting with create your own account!!!!

Here are my 3 most important things to do once you have set up an account.

  1. Change your profile picture from the egg into one unique to you.  As someone said to me, ‘eggs are great to eat but not to look at on twitter’.
  2. Put something in your profile: having it blank makes it harder for people to know if you are real, and what your interests are.  For now, just putting in Librarian, or Library Student will be enough.
  3. If you are going to lock your account (keep it private), make sure you remember to check your followers regularly and follow people (like us) back.  Also private tweets do not show up in twitter captures or at conferences even if you use the hashtag so you what you say will not appear in any of our wrap up posts.  You can always lock and unlock your account, but if you do that, anything that is posted while the account is public, will stay that way.

But how do I do this successfully?

Here are some tips from long time twitter users on this very point:

  • Joining is 1st hurdle. Find interesting ppl to follow. Then leap into convos!
  • Don’t give up! Check regularly. Follow real people.
  • Don’t be an egg, butt in to discussions ppl don’t mind, be yourself.
  • too many celebs and brands/companies = boring timeline
  • My personal Twitter rule: Don’t tweet anything I don’t want my boss or mum to read..
  • follow people you know. follow people they follow. follow peeps who follow you. repeat
  • Check who other people are following. Don’t be afraid to block spam accounts
  • Don’t feel obliged to follow everyone that follows you

What is your advice?  Tweet it out with both the hashtags #anz23mthings and #thing1


We are having a google + hangout on Wednesday 8th May with Mylee, Kathryn and Jan at 8PM (NZ time) and 6PM (Australian Eastern Time).  Think of a question and put it in a tweet.  Don’t forget to use the #anz23mthings hashtag.

Have a think about how you or your library can use twitter to build up a community?  Interact with other Librarians or patrons?  

Developing a strategy for using social media to promote your library services or a major event like a conference requires planning and coordination (eg. Social media and ALIA Biennial)  How can you use it to promote an event at your library. like storytime or a workshop for undergraduates?

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