Weekly Wrap-Up Post: Week 4

2 Jun

thing 4: Maps and Checking In by Stephanie McGlinchey (@stephmcg)

It has been an interesting week checking out and checking into Foursquare, Facebook and Geocaching- and by interesting I mean that rather there have been quite a few questions raised in blogs and reflections about the value of foursquare, both personally and for the organisation.

The #anz23mthings hashtag has been abuzz with with #blogjune and tips and advice on other subjects as well, which has made for a full week of tweets and conversations to look at!

It’s been fun seeing people checking in and gaining mayorships of venues

  • @ajwillemse91 Just became the mayor of Batcave on @foursquare! Crown me! #Anz23mthings pic.twitter.com/eMpzrVpWpK
  • @ajwillemse91 Unlocked the “Local” badge! #Anz23mthings pic.twitter.com/YB3rKU8HmX
  • @sallysetsforth Just popped out to return some library books & pick up some takeaway – and scored two new FourSquare mayorships! 🙂 #anz23mthings

And other people using other checking in tools

  • @SarahLibrarina Visiting the animals at Williwbank #happyplace #anz23mthings (at Willowbank Wildlife Reserve) [pic] — http://path.com/p/1gFEYc

Cathy is grateful for Maps this week

  • @ironshush 2hrs till I leave for Toodyay #knittingretreat – better find out how to get there! thank goodness this week was maps for #anz23mthings

Links shared on Twitter

Foursquare gets a big check– shared by @aquidity

4sqwifi– shared by @stephmcg


Cath (@KiwiLibrarian) speaks of the implications of an organisation becoming involved in foursquare

Sharon (@sharonu) reflects on using foursquare in a community where smartphones don’t have the penetration as other cities and wonders if it’s the right fit for her library

Heather (@hbailie) wonders about the safety of telling everyone via Twitter whether or not you’re at home by checking in.

Con (@flexnib) Joined up and discovered the benefits of having friends already there

Katrina (@katreeeena) Advises on the using Twitter to promote her checkins only when it is an interesting place that invites discussion

Anne (@polyxena) Spoke of her reliance on Google Maps, and her decision to be unplugged when it came to checking in to a venue.

Renee (@stokesrenee) Explored geocaching with mixed results!

Karen (@karentoittoit) is a big fan of foursquare and Google maps.

Abigail (ajwillemse91) had fun experimenting with foursquare, but not sure if she will keep it up.

Final thoughts

I have really enjoyed how people are critiquing apps and consciously deciding whether or not it is appropriate for them. Con raised the issue yesterday of being unplugged (as part of #blogjune), which has made me wonder can you be too plugged in?


4 Responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up Post: Week 4”

  1. karentoittoit June 3, 2013 at 12:31 am #

    I have blogged my take on maps and checking in as well http://karen23mobilethings.wordpress.com/2013/06/02/maps-and-checking-in-thing-4-of-anz-23-mobile-things/

    I am sure there is a slippery slope of being too plugged in! I am just not too sure of how you are going to know it? Would somebody tell me that they are seeing too much of me, or just unfollow? I had to reign myself in with regards Foursquare!

    • bookgrrl June 3, 2013 at 12:54 am #

      You may have to rely on the people around you- my husband gets a bit frustrated with my attachment to my phone and lets me know when I need to unplug myself.


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